Ryan Maier

Acoustic Blues Rock Singer/songwriter

Ryan Maier


I write songs and play guitar. I believe that a good song should scare the Hell out of you a bit. My approach is interdisciplinary – shooting across a variety of genres to hopefully create something a least mildly disturbing. Folk, blues, soul, gothrock – it’s all in there. In my writing I try to marry words and music to plumb the darker corners of the mind and the bits we try to hide from ourselves - be it fear, shame, madness, or the occasional massacre-at-sea. 

In Fall 2023, I will be recording some of my newest generation of songs with friends under the name of our collective: 'The Black Lodge'. After a lengthy hiatus from the studio and stage, I am excited to share some of our latest work.  


Quotes and Reviews (from my days slingin' brass for Chris Goertzen and the Hazy Pilgrims):

 “Ripping slide guitars […] Ryan’s sliding sounds sometimes rough and raw, at other times controlled and subdued.” – Rootstime Magazine, Belgium

“Wailing slide guitars” – Bruce Leperre, Winnipeg Free Press

“Moaning slide guitars” – Winnipeg Sun


Ryan Maier

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