Ryan Maier

Acoustic Blues Rock Singer/songwriter

Ryan Maier


I write songs and play guitar. I believe that a good song should scare the Hell out of you a bit. My approach is interdisciplinary – shooting across a variety of genres to hopefully create something a least mildly disturbing. Folk, blues, soul, gothrock – it’s all in there. In my writing I try to marry words and music to plumb the darker corners of the mind and the bits we try to hide from ourselves - be it fear, shame, madness, or the occasional massacre-at-sea. 

In the winter of 2023-24, I will be releasing some my newest songs in two avenues: Because I like playing music loudly, I will be releasing an electrifed EP of 5 songs I wrote under the name: 'The Black Lodge' - a musical collective of myself and some old friends. At the same time, I will also be releasing a Demo EP of 5 acoustic songs I wrote - as a solo project just under my name: 'Ryan Maier.' I will be posting links to each project as they become available in December, 2023 - January, 2024.

After a lengthy hiatus from the studio and stage, I'm happy to share some of my latest work.  


Quotes and Reviews (from my days slingin' brass for Chris Goertzen and the Hazy Pilgrims):

 “Ripping slide guitars […] Ryan’s sliding sounds sometimes rough and raw, at other times controlled and subdued.” – Rootstime Magazine, Belgium

“Wailing slide guitars” – Bruce Leperre, Winnipeg Free Press

“Moaning slide guitars” – Winnipeg Sun


Ryan Maier

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