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Sadie Cyr 

Who's that chick, who is this Sadie Cyr? Well she happens to be me. 

Will you ever see me again after you leave this profile? Who knows. 

But in the meantime, here's some info about this rockstar:

At the age of 11 Sadie began her unproffesional carreer as the poet of the classroom. Sadie viewed the world through a whimsical lense that had encaptured her world with purple hues and dark themes. Growing up she felt the most authentic way to express herself was through the encoded poems littered around her room, so she continued writting away, creating her own fantasy world built upon lost lovers and fallen kingdoms. 

At the age of 16 Sadie picked up her first guitar and fell into the whole new world of experssion through music and songwritting. For Sadie, this was a poem with a rhythm. 

Sadie continues to make music and write lyrics and merges creativity into her daily life. 

Sadie is currently in the writting stages of an album with idea's that bend the rules and societal expectaions, a big critique on what we are told to believe.

So stay tuned for that, or don't. No one is forcing you. 

(hint hint) 

anyways, enough with that. peace and love and stay crazy #normalsareweird 


Sadie Cyr
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