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Sierra Noble


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Entering the music industry at a young age can have profound effects on an artist’s personal and professional journey, and Sierra Noble knows this well. The Winnipeg singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, released their first album of traditional Métis fiddle music as a teenager, followed by the well-received Possibilities, and later, City of Ghosts. Over the course of these albums Noble honed their skills as a songwriter while garnering widespread attention, which led them to opening for Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, and Johnny Reid, and as a featured performer for the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. Noble’s original music has been included in TV shows such as One Tree Hill, Switched at Birth, and Parenthood, and in films such as CBC’s Humboldt: The New Season, 40 Weeks, and Fostering Hope.

After years of performing and recording music that wasn’t reflective of their identity or lived experience, and witnessing the industry’s unsavoury sides and their effects, Noble took a lengthy hiatus to regroup, recharge, and begin to rewrite their story with renewed passion and truth. Sierra Noble is back now, as an artist with purpose and messages of strength, resilience, and freedom from the box they were once kept in. “It feels empowering to start to express my truth in my music,” says Noble, “and also just as a person.” They have been finding their voice and taking back control of their journey. Noble’s message is refreshing at a time when underrepresented voices need to be heard. “I just want to help create a world where people feel free and safe to be their true selves, and to explore and question who they are without judgment.” 

Noble spent many years in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York writing music that was catered and structured to certain criteria and expectations that – while they were good at it – stifled their unique creativity. The new album won’t be another sweet, simple folk album from this roots music darling. they will dive deeper into their influences and creativity, and listeners will be able to feel Noble’s re-ignited passion for music and story. It’s a new chapter for Noble, one where they feel like a person with strength and a readiness to move forward.

“Let Me Out of Here” is the first single from the new Sierra Noble. In its crystalline melodies and epic poise, Noble sings of smiling through teeth in response to the unwelcomed opinions and judgments of others. But they know what they need – freedom to follow their path and be released from all that’s kept them down – and the song’s title is their powerful declaration of that.

Noble was recently accepted into the prestigious Music Publishers of Canada Women in the Studio Program, and has received an MFM Pre-Production and Manitoba Arts Council grant to write and record their next album, set to be released in 2022.


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"I Can See" from Single


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