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Slow Spirit


“Slow Spirit conjures the sublime: the harmonic markings of jazz, impelled by visceral and frolicking rhythms, morph with punk rock’s defiant fury and a species of poetry that’s at once impassioned and spectral.” Stylus Magazine

"[Unnatured] strikes a seamless balance between multi-instrumental precision and compositional spontaneity. The band’s five members—all skilled musicians who met while studying at the University of Brandon’s School of Music—draw from the worlds of jazz, punk, post-rock, pop and singer/bassist Natalie Bohrn’s lyrical prose to concoct something all their own." "Slow Spirit: Maestro of Mercurial Pop", Beatroute Magazine

Alt-Indie from the Canadian Prairies, Slow Spirit takes their thoughtful pop and indie writing and shifts it into sound baths, noise freak-outs, meditative rhythmic pulsations, and high-rising melodic arcs, reaching out to sound explorers with room in their hearts for old soulful folk and overdriven amps . Artfully blending genre-bending experimentations with soul-searching songwriting, the three members of Slow Spirit seek to elevate the room and find a new meeting ground for sonic wanderers.

"The Winnipeg-based psychedelic jazz-folk fusion group is a staple of the Manitoba music scene, performing a style of music not found elsewhere on the prairies.... [Unnatured] opens with punk-like fury and matching, well-timed guitar squeals. “Human” pulls listeners straight into the throes of live performance energy"  4/5 star review, The Manitoban

“Beautifully balanced, rich, and organic, Slow Spirit sends listeners into that mellow introspection you only hope to see in cinema. This is an absolute must-hear.”
- Ashley Au, The Rooster



Hard Season (Visualizer) by Slow Spirit

Slow Spirit - No Ribbon (Live Performance) by Slow Spirit

Slow Spirit - Live at UMFM by Slow Spirit

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Slow Spirit - Unknown (Solo Acoustic) by Slow Spirit

Slow Spirit - Human by Slow Spirit

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