Sophie Kate

Acoustic Pop Singer/songwriter

Sophie Kate


Hi there! My name is Sophie Kate! I’ve been interested in music ever since I was just a kid. I was involved in many choirs, I took piano lessons, and I started writing my own songs when I was about 9 years old. Over the years, I’ve continued to nurture this passion. I started writing more songs more often, and eventually I decided that I needed to do more than just write them. I wanted people to hear my music. I wanted my music to be able to do for other people what other artists' music had done for me. But I had no idea where to start. So I started doing some research and I bought some basic recording equipment and eventually saved up enough money to buy my own computer. From there, I started experimenting with different ways to produce music, and with every song I could feel myself getting better. If to my very first song, Fallen for You, released in August of 2020, and my most recent song, you can hear a drastic difference. Since my first single, I released another 3 as well as a 5 track EP, all of which are completely written and produced by me in my basement studio. Every song I release has a meaning behind it. For example, my most recent single, Stay, is written about people who I’m very close to moving away to pursue their dreams, and I wish I had used the time I had more wisely while they were around.

Much of my production and writing is inspired by the artists that I listen to, some of these artists are Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Katelyn Tarver, Billie Eilish, Tate McRae, and many more. I love writing songs about things I’ve experienced, as well as how I’m feeling. In many ways It’s a way to cope and process things I’ve been through. 

I’m very excited to see where music can take me in life, how much I’m going to grow, and how many lives will be touched by the music I’m making. It makes me so happy that there are people out there that listen to and appreciate my music.




Sophie Kate
Winnipeg MB Canada

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