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Back in 2006, while Pluto was being demoted, the other (legitimate) planets were conspiring to align four gals on their musical journeys. 15 years later, a big bang occurred during the black hole that was C*vid. 

The galactic group was created when supernova Sophie George (Aquarius, lead singer, rhythm guitar) and Hailey (Hunter)’s comet (Pisces, lead guitar, vocals) collided in the ether (AKA the University of Manitoba’s Black Hole Theatre Company). They quickly brought two other shooting stars into their orbit: Sage Stoyanowski (Scorpio, bass, vocals) and Ellie Ratel (Cancer, drums, vocals). Harnessing the feminine powers of the moon, the void was filled and STELLAR was complete. 

From humble beginnings serenading other tenants in the basement laundry room of Sage and Ellie’s apartment, the band quickly found licensed venues to play. Most recently, STELLAR has performed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival as part of their Young Performers’ Program and at Real Love, Fringe, and Harvest Moon Festivals. One thing’s for sure, whether it’s the West End Cultural Centre or the International Space Station, this band is always up for a gig! At the pace this galactic quartet is moving, they’ll reach Mars before any billionaire. 

Influenced by North Star indie bands such as boygenius, Big Thief, and Alvvays as well as soulful artists like Joni Mitchell and Julia Jacklin, STELLAR’s rich harmonies and thoughtful lyrics are truly out of this world. 

STELLAR’s masterful debut EP, released June 2022, has been described as diverse, distinct, layered, and vulnerable.The seven-song project takes listeners on a journey of the stages of grief experienced after a breakup. Named accordingly, Stages begins with denial, represented by their first song, “Call Me Goodbye” and ends on a hopeful and empowered note of acceptance with snappy pop song, “Living Without You.” Stages foregrounds thoughtful lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and energetic drums, all of which are enhanced by unique percussive instrumentation such as the vibraslap and flexitone.  


*Note: the bandmates specialize in music, not astronomy (or is it astrology??). Anyway, please do not take these space terms as accurate 


Hailey Hunter
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Spring (77)



"Spring (77)" from Spring (77)




"Living Without You" from Stages




"Black Hole" from Stages


Living Without You by STELLAR

Black Hole by STELLAR

Water by STELLAR

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Stranger by STELLAR

STELLAR at The Park Theatre by STELLAR

Call Me Goodbye (Music Video) by STELLAR

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