The 29th Reup


9th Reup is a record label dedicated to bringing the music of various artists to the world. Established in 2022, the label has quickly become a prominent player in the music industry, known for its commitment to promoting and distributing high-quality music from up-and-coming artists.


29th Reup takes a comprehensive approach to artist management, offering a wide range of services to help artists achieve success. From video production and promotion to distribution and artist management, the label works closely with its artists to develop their careers and bring their music to a wider audience.


At the heart of 29th Reup's mission is a commitment to quality and creativity. The label's team of experienced professionals is passionate about music and works tirelessly to ensure that each release is a success. Whether it's through cutting-edge video production, targeted promotion, or innovative distribution strategies, 29th Reup is dedicated to helping artists reach their full potential.


As the music industry continues to evolve, 29th Reup is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and creativity. With a focus on developing new talent and cultivating a diverse range of musical styles, the label is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene for years to come.


emmanuel Orilabawaye
1 204 955 2364

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