The Cat's Advice

Acoustic Americana Folk Singer/songwriter

The Cat's Advice


We are Red River Tommy and Laughin' Lexx,  aka Tom Donahue and Lexiss Jefferson. We are both singer songwirters that met up a thousand years ago and started a wee band.  In truth it was closer to twelve years and ever since we have played on one anothers tunes and have created a whole new world of songs together. Our main instruments are acoustic guitar, bass and harmonica and we weave harmonies throughout.  Our tunes feature acoustic Folk Rock, Ballads, Canadiana Country, and storytelling is our strong point, as we explore life and centre on our commonalities. We have played in coffee houses, outdoor events, dinner clubs, fund raisers, porch concerts, Meandering Music.  One of the project that we most enjoyed being a part of was Stories to Song where we met with a senior and learned about her life and then wrote a song about it.  It is called 'Betty Bell'. We released our debut album, 'Makin' It Right' in February 2020, just in time for the world to shut down.  It's time for us to share this and all our music once again.




Lexiss Jefferson
1 204 797 2563

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