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The (full) Benefits


The (Full) Benefits are a Winnipeg-based art rock collective who culminate their musical efforts into droned-up tones, melodic hooks and unforgettable choruses. Their lyrics and gazes are never solely focused on footwear, but rather on everyday mundane moments, the absurdity of normality and of course, the latest in trendy footwear.

Live shows have been described as “whoa” and “oh ya, right on”, with onlookers consistently left in awe of how music can still be fun, interactive and aimlessly amazing.

Their first single “Too Bad You’re A Vegetarian” is a lesson in patience, persistence and ultimately acceptance. It has been hailed by critics as “pretty good, all things considered”.

Their upcoming EP will demonstrate the collective’s ability to branch out from their podium atop the music-comedy scene of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, into other avenues of mediocrity alongside other non-funny musical acts charting across the country and around the globe.

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Chris Kilrea
122 Gerard St Winnipeg MB Canada R3L2G1
1 204 227 9686




"Too Bad You're a Vegetarian"


Too Bad You're a Vegetarian by The (full) Benefits

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