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The Highway Company


Lifelong friendships are rare - yet for Winnipeg’s The Highway Company, every seat in the van is built from that very fabric. Formed in 2011 under the name “The Proud Sons,” the band experienced some radio success with their song “Company” being regularly spun on Sirius XM and CBC. 2019 took them on tour across North America with The Tea Party.

As more bands with the name “Sons,” and political groups with the name “Proud” continued to rise, the band had no choice but to change their name in 2021. The moniker was meaningful, as Jesse, Kyle and Myms all lost their fathers at a very young age. It was a tribute to all of the group’s parents, past and present.

In 2022, the band began working on a new album under a new banner - The Highway Company. The name celebrates the company they’re lucky to have in the van, hotels, and stages across the continent as they get back on the highway in 2023. The debut single “Let Me Down Easy” is out now on all streaming platforms.


Jay Myms


Let Me Down Easy by The Highway Company

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