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The JD Edwards Band


The JD Edwards Band

It’s 2006, in Winnipeg, and a new songwriter in town is witnessing his first folk festival. Trampling through the prairie dirt to the main stage feels like a homecoming for Ontario-born JD Edwards.  Something drew him to the huge open Manitoba skies.  His brother lives here, his parents met here, and he would meet his wife here, too.  The impact of the Winnipeg Folk Festival on a musician with an acid jazz and classical background, who had just survived his first prairie winter, felt like a rebirth.

“The band on Lane 4 needs a singer”, JD hears while partying with friends at Academy Lanes bowling alley, a few months after the festival.  He walks down and introduces himself to guitarists Mike Ormonde and Matt Robins.  After having their lead singer quit moments before they were set to record an album, the band is eager for JD to audition.  Demos are exchanged, jam sessions are held, and soon the heart of the 6-piece JD Edwards Band begins to beat.

Over the next two years a unifying sound and a debut, self-titled album emerges from a group with musical paths that include blues, funk, flamenco, and heavy metal.  Drawing on the gospel influence of his church upbringing, JD’s voice roars soulfully over organ melodies and a guitar-based rock core.   The undeniable Spirit of Folk is evoked throughout the songs JD and the band collaborate on.  They purposefully use music as a medium to connect with their audience, creating a communal, high-energy experience that encourages dancing, singing, and positive love.

Finding a very supportive musical community in Winnipeg, the band quickly wins over a tribe of admirers through their electrifying shows, earns a coveted support gig with one of their favourite band, The New Meanies, and releases a self-titled rock and roll album and a live album soon after.  

Along with JD, Matt, and Mike, the current lineup includes Jesse J Ives (bass), Jake Bell (drums), and Alex Campbell (keys). Together they are riding higher than ever, taking their 3rd album Roads and Roads across the country, with plans to conquer the US, European and Australian markets over the next couple of years.  

But first the band has an important stop to make, to fulfill a dream that’s been in JD’s head since the summer of 2006: to take the stage at this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival.  It’s the beginning of a new JD Edwards story, a new history that’s being written with North Country soul.  



Jonathan Edwards
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 510 1420


Roads & Roads



"Roads and Roads" from Roads & Roads



"This House Will Stand"



"Last Song" from The JD Edwards Band


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