The Noble Thiefs

Garage R&B Rock Soul

The Noble Thiefs


Drawing from early punk and all eras of soul music, The Noble Thiefs have cut their teeth on international festival stages for over a decade. The veteran group has created a sound that’s all their own and ever evolving.  

The group’s latest hip-hop-influenced release, Superglue, will take you back to the era of music videos on the TV. Its patchwork samples and boom-bap beat shed a beacon of light on a cold, dark world. A true DIY effort, the self-produced song and video reflect a band owning the whole creative process and doing it their damn selves. 

The Noble Thiefs have toured extensively over the years, playing everywhere from New Orleans and NYC to London, England. Festivals like Milwaukee Summerfest, Liverpool SoundCity and FOCUS Wales have helped them build an audience abroad. Local festivals and club gigs have made them hometown heroes in their beloved Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Noble Thiefs are:

Myron Dean – Vocals

Riley Hastings – Guitar

Johannes Lodewyks – Bass

Sandy Fernandez – Drums




Superglue by The Noble Thiefs

16 Candles [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by The Noble Thiefs

LOFT SESSIONS "I Died in America" by The Noble Thiefs

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How Can You Think Of Love (At A Time Like This)? by The Noble Thiefs

The Noble Thiefs - "I Died In America" (live) by The Noble Thiefs

The Noble Thiefs - "When You're In Love" (live) by The Noble Thiefs

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