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LiABiLiTiES are Winnipeggers with a firm sense of self-discovery, self-deprecation and edginess, the band bridges the gap between mid-80's, post-punk aggro and late-90's post-grunge confessionalism. Having yanked unsuspecting bar-hoppers “down the front” and effectively pinned their ears back with a sublime blend of harmony, dissonance, hooks and brute force.

Will Cory (guitars), Jesse Joyal (bass) and Caleb Cormie (drums) began jamming riffs and melodies in a St. Norbert basement in May 2012. Lyrics were protectively workshopped and withheld until the right singer could be found. Brennan Hakes was “the one”, and his guitar playing was/is the perfect counterpoint to Will's. Jesse's and Caleb's similarly open-minded approaches to their instruments round out a sound that has matured organically, and will no doubt continue to do so.


Context High



"Buttons" from Context High


Sunday by Liabilities

Alpaca live @ the Roslyn by Liabilities

Nothing left to say by Liabilities

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Asinine Mind & Soap Scum Live @ The Cavern by Liabilities

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Miss You At All Live @ The Cavern by Liabilities

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