Thunder McVey

Alternative Experimental Indie Rock

Thunder McVey



Hailing from the heart of Manitoba, Thunder McVey is not just a solo artist but a sonic voyager deeply influenced by the rich tapestry of the local music scene. With a name that resonates across the prairies, Thunder McVey delves into a genre-defying fusion of post-punk, ambient, and experimental sounds, creating a musical experience that's as diverse as the influences that surround him.

In January 2024, Thunder McVey released the album "McVey," a testament to the artist's ability to craft a unique sonic identity. Writing and producing every track, Thunder brings a solo artist's precision to the studio, but the live experience is a collaborative journey with a full band, echoing the communal spirit of the local music scene.


As Thunder McVey looks towards the future, 2024 and 2025 promise a continuous flow of new music, each track a sonic exploration and an homage to the local influences that fuel the artist's creativity. Thunder McVey invites fans to join this evolving journey, where the boundaries between artist and audience blur, and the music becomes a shared experience deeply rooted in the spirit of the local music community.


Thunder McVey
1 204 558 3382

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