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Tiffany Ponce proves big voices come in small packages. The talented R&B songbird has graced the same stage as Grammy award-winning artists Shaggy and 112, and has shaken up the music industry with the release of her sophomore album Gratitude, winning Songwriter of the Year at the 2015 Canadian Urban Television Hip Hop Awards.

Ponce was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she’s now recognized as one of the city’s most admired urban artists and a rising prairie star. Her passion for music, dance, and theatre evolved from performing in high school musicals to graduating from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, British Columbia.

Ponce's music brings in R&B flavours from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Her primary influences include chart-topping and award-winning artists Janet Jackson, TLC, Tamia, and Boyz II Men. Her soulful chops are complemented by uplifting pop inflections, showcasing her expert ability to flex and adapt to various vocal styles. 

In 2012, she released her debut EP Only the Beginning with two sold-out CD release shows, showcasing her fiery energy and sultry sounds. 

Gratitude was released in August 2015 with another packed, sold-out show. Writing the songs for the album reconnected Ponce with her motivation behind creating great music. The R&B/pop collection revolves around the themes of love, hope, faith, and strength, and intends to uplift and empower its listeners. Its inspiring message is “a reminder to always be grateful for whatever life throws at you.  There is a lesson and blessing in every situation."  This message caught the attention of Phoenix-based Autumn Magazine, and as a result Ponce was featured as Woman of the Month in their March 2016 issue.  The publication also produced Ponce's music video for her inspirational single "Love the Rain".

She owns a highly collaborative style, and often features local and international artists on her original tracks. Some notable performers on her new Gratitude album include former Mouseketeer Damon Pampolina, Crystle Lightning of award-winning hip hop duo LightningCloud from LA, Lyrical Militant, and Desi Ma.  Ponce was nominated for four awards at the 2015 Canadian Urban Television Hip Hop Awards - R&B Album of the Year, R&B Single of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year.  Ponce took home the Songwriter of the Year award, beating out 31 other talented songwriters from across Canada.

Ponce’s singles "Sweet Surprise", "Free", "Superladies", "Love the Rain", "Wish List", and "Gratitude" have been in regular rotation on Winnipeg urban station Rhythm 104.7 FM, and "Superladies" was also used as the theme song for Winnipeg theatre company Sarasvati Productions' 2014/2015 season.

Ponce continues to anticipate the next exciting steps in her musical career. Music has helped define who she is, and she hopes to inspire all those who choose to pursue their own lifelong passions.


Tiffany Ponce
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 979 8433





"Wish List" from Gratitude




"Superladies" from Gratitude




"Sweet Surprise" from Gratitude


Brave [Official Lyric Video] by Tiffany Ponce

Love the Rain [Official Music Video] by Tiffany Ponce

Sweet Surprise [Official Music Video] by Tiffany Ponce

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Gratitude [Official Lyric Video] by Tiffany Ponce

Tiffany Ponce - "Superladies" live at the 2015 Asian Canadian Festival at The Forks by Tiffany Ponce

Tiffany Ponce - Gratitude Album 2015 by Tiffany Ponce

Free [Official Music Video] by Tiffany Ponce

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