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Tim Osmond


Tim Osmond does his absolute darnedest to surround himself with music at all times. He takes his inspiration from the very roots of bluegrass and old‐time country music all the way to the variations on those themes he hears from his contemporaries, and brings them to the table each time he plays with the Manitoba bluegrass quintet The Stanley County Cut Ups, or as a solo performer.

Since the turn of the century, Tim has played at many festivals and events from coast to coast in Canada and has become an accomplished bluegrass banjo player and Dobro player. Other mentionable highlights include being the co‐founder of Home Routes (www.homeroutes.ca), and former radio host of “Sunday Drive”, a weekly bluegrass/old-time radio show on CJUM 101.5 at the University of Manitoba.


Banjo & dobro on self-titled release with The Stanley County Cutups - 2021

This is just a hot supergroup out of the ashes of Winnipeg's bluegrass scene and I feel honoured to make music with these fine folks. Magnificent 7's frontman TJ Blair joins forces with Manitoba southern belle Jess Reimer, her husband Jeremy Hamm (a direct descendent of Canadian Bluegrass royalty John Goertzen of the Lincoln County Peach Pickers), and fiddler extraordinaire Jeremy Penner (Wailin' Jenny's, The Bills). https://www.stanleycountycutups.com



Banjo on self-titled release with Spruce & The Meadowlark - 2018

Spruce and the Meadowlark is a slight departure from traditional sounds, coming from the minds of Aisha Belle and Donovan Locken. This project infused modern acoustic pop elements with bluegrass and features some great picking by Donovan Locken on mandolin, Ashley Au on bass, Lucas Kost on guitar, Aisha Belle on the fiddle and yours truly on the banjer.


Spruce and the Meadowlark · Orchard Season


Banjo on 'The Seeds That You Won't Sow' by Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - 2018

Dan Frechette is a Manitoba songwriter living in Santa Cruz, CA with thousands of songs both in his own original repertoire and cover tunes he's learned along the way. We used to play in a band called "Halfgrassed" in the early part of the 21st century, and for a time I was also booking his tours in Canada and the USA. He asked me to add some banjo to "The Seeds That You Won't Sow", a song he wrote about spending too much time on your phone.




Banjo on self-titled release with The Osmond Davis Band - 2017

Simon Davis and I put this band together made up of a couple guys I met while playing with Pepper Laing and the Lonestar Killers, namely Karl Ratchinsky on bass and Dan Simpson on mandolin, and Simon's childhood friend Jeremy Penner on fiddle.



Banjo on 'Do or Die' by Red Moon Road - 2012

Red Moon Road are a fantastic trio out of Winnipeg. Sheena Rattai, Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner and Daniel Jordan imbibe a pop-folk fusion with three part harmonies and also create an amazing presence on stage. These three know their roots and have the creative prowess to create music that is original and fun yet prolific and simply dazzling. Murray Pulver produced this debut record and mixed my banjo part in the background to add a cohesive compliment to this number. 



Banjo on self-titled release with The Kitcheneers - 2008

The Kitcheneers were a result of Steve Schellenberg regularly coming over to jam in the kitchen with Rob Vaarmeyer (AKA Theo) and I in a rooming house on Sherbrook Street in Winnipeg. The name of the band came easy. Glen Layton and Earl Tustin joined soon afterward and we made this recording in the living room. If you listen close enough on Sherbrook Shuffle you can hear the traffic noise outside, which we left in as our tribute to Sherbrook Street.



Banjo on 'Slave to This World' release by The Doug and Jess Band - 2006

Doug and Jess Reimer are a father-daughter duo that write songs like "aged wine in new bottles". I cut my teeth touring the country with these fine folks for a good 10 years. Jess and her husband Jeremy Hamm were neighbours of mine on Sherbrook St. We met after sounds of banjo came floating down to their porch and the tinkling of mandolin bounced it's way up to mine. We're still making music together to this day as The Stanley County Cutups.