Tired Cossack

Alternative New Wave Punk Rock

Tired Cossack


Tired Cossack is a solo project from Winnipeg, Canada, blending shoegaze, indie rock, and post-punk with songwriting inspired in large part by Ukrainian folklore and tales. Since starting in 2020, he has quickly made a name for himself releasing various singles, 2 EPs and a full-length album called "Hocus Pocus", with a sophomore album “I Know, I Guess” on the immediate horizon.

His songwriting can bounce between humour and despair, love and longing, storytelling and self-reflection, showing an ability to capture a wide range of emotions and experiences in his music. This versatility, combined with his unique sound and traditional influences, has made Tired Cossack standout locally and beyond.

Tired Cossacks live shows feature a full band consisting of members previously from touring bands like Yes We Mystic. Their live set is full of energy, passion, talent, and humour, with an inviting vibe that allows the crowd to truly engage with their performance.


Since 2022, they have skyrocketed from playing their first show to selling out multiple local headlining performances and playing festivals such as Real Love Summer Fest, Winterruption Winnipeg, and more. Their ability to swing freely and effortlessly between genres, which presents a paradoxical yet harmonious mix of emotions and sensibilities, combines with catchy rhythms and hooks that make for a captivating show.


Tired Cossack


Drink from the Don by Tired Cossack

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