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Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and currently based in Winnipeg, Ezoman is a bold young rapper with a global vision for what his music can achieve. His music is a fusion of African influences, French lyricism, and classic American hip hop, all combined into a brand new sound all his own. With his newest album, the stunning ‘Duality,’ Ezoman is set to take his rightful place as one of his generation’s most innovative artists.

Born Tresor Namwira chimusa in the small city of Bukavu, Ezoman was intro-duced to music at a young age. He grew up surrounded by classical and church music, both of which helped him develop his voice before he discovered his true love in the form of French hip hop. Being a teenager in a war torn country, rap music gave Ezoman a safe haven from the chaos around him. Music became his constant companion, keeping him company as his family relocated to the cap-ital city of Kinshasa where they continued to struggle to get by. Ezoman’s talent was becoming more and more advanced, but it wasn’t until his family experi-enced the great fortune of being granted permanent residency in Canada that he was able to fully pursue his dream.

In 2011, the young artist was thrown into a whole new world, thousands of miles from home. Settling down in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he took advantage of the sta-bility of his new home and immediately began making his musical ambitions real. He formed his first band ‘Namwira Folks,’ and quickly became a mainstay on the local scene. In March of 2013, the group made their debut with the full length ‘Nouveau Monde Nouvelles Perspectives.’ While the album was an immediate success, Ezoman still dreamt of stepping out as a solo hip hop artist. In 2016, he released “Messages Codés”.

The album marked the arrival of a new talent with the potential to redefine hip hop. Transcending languages, borders, and genre, each track was bursting with the swagger and charisma of a star in the making. Having spent years devoting himself to the craft of lyricism, its no surprise that the stories here are universal in scope and deeply personal.

“For me, being an artist is a calling. I must express the desire to be the change, and to make sure I bring up important messages in my lyrics,” he says. “We have to become part of the change that the world is in need of.”

‘Duality’ represents a major artistic leap forward for Ezoman. With songs that delve deeply into the balance between darkness and light, Ezoman looks to foster peace in a world that seems hell bent on descending into chaos. And while his jubilant melodies and poetic meditations won’t save the world, they will cer-tainly create a spirit of contemplation for his ever-growing fanbase. ‘Duality’ is a special record from one of modern music’s most vital voices.


Tresor Namwira Chimusa
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 880 1297


Messages Codés



"À travers le tunnel" from Messages Codés



"Unite "


EZOMAN - DUALITY Album release party Highlight by EZOMAN


Tresor Ezoman-Peg City by EZOMAN

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