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Tyler Ogimaa


Tyler Henderson, who goes by the stage name of Tyler Ogimaa, is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is a member of Sagkeeng First Nation. He has been executive producing hip hop music along side his younger brother, Dylan ‘Northside Eric’ under the moniker of the Hendo Bros since 2011. They released two albums together. Their most recent album, titled Blessed, went on to achieve number 1 on The Indigenous Music Countdown’s top 40, with the project’s first single, Blessed, which featured Hellnback. 

Now, the two brothers have branched away from executive producing compilation albums with Tyler Ogimaa chasing his long time goal of releasing a project as a solo artist. 

Tyler has been passionately working on his debut throughout the covid-19 pandemic and is set to release his first single, Feeling Amazing which features the soulful voice of Qway-C & the rap prowess of Drezus—a veteran in the Indigenous  hip hop scene.

Tyler Ogimaa’s debut project will an EP, which will showcase nothing but inspiring music. Tyler’s focus is to make music that instills  positivity in the world, which is needed in this time of a pandemic. Now that his goal of being a solo artist is slowly coming into fruition, Tyler Ogimaa is ready to take the music scene by storm, and inspire listeners with a wide range of sounds and positive lyrics that will appeal to all ages.

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