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In a world of lightning-fast communication and an era of immense social transformation, the work of artists is more critical than ever. Whether through articulating the thoughts and interests of diverse communities, mediating constructive dialogue, or expressing the hopes and dreams of individuals, art is uniquely capable of soothing the social tensions that persist in the modern age.

Typewriter Partners Inc, through its flagship project “Typewriter TV,” is part-label, part-multimedia platform and part-lifestyle brand. Its core focus is to showcase artistic talent – whether musical, visual, literary, or otherwise – through an artist-centric and collaborative approach. Typewriter TV’s purpose is to connect and empower artists, both locally and globally, in order to help fulfill the realization of their creative potential. In fostering a collaborative environment, it is our hope that Typewriter TV can deliver high-quality art in a widely-accessible format that stays true to the artist’s vision and principles. In doing so, we hope to contribute to inner-city Winnipeg’s cultural and social uplift. 

Inclusion is a core principle of Typewriter TV's ethos. To this end, we work with community-members of a diverse background, whether personally or artistically. Whether its punk rock, hip hop, abstract art or campy theatre, Typewriter TV wants to help make it a thing!


Typewriter TV
Winnipeg MB Canada
Insta: @typewritertv204

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