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Hailing from the icy depths of Winnipeg, MB, Vagina Witchcraft blend rumbling, feedback-laden doom metal with frenzied elements of punk and hardcore to create their unique sound. Queer non-binary poet and vocalist, Kayla Fernandes, leads the sonic assault with blistering ferocity, delivering lyrical content concerning mental health, heartbreak, anger and racial identity. 
This band’s first, self-titled release landed them on the 2021 Polaris Music Prize long-list, and recently they won a 2021 Western Canadian Music Award for Metal/Hard Music Artist of The Year. Vagina Witchcraft also had a UK tour in the year of 2022, and also had the opportunity to perform at Sled Island '22.

  They released their self-titled debut album October 20, 2020 on CD. It is available for purchase on Bandcamp, and can be found on all major streaming services. 


"Vagina Witchcraft takes a hardcore approach to anti-racism and gender diversity." -CBC Radio One [Up to Speed]

“Vagina Witchcraft bring the heavy with their first offerings of sludged out sonic brutality. Stoner fans will love this Sabbath/ Pentagram style riff worship, while lead vocalist Kayla’s lyrics rage over top, spanning topics of current politics to classic Satanic worship. This band is a thundering force and this album is their first mighty step on the journey towards world domination. Crank the album closer 'ALVVAYS' and bang your head into oblivion." - Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats)

"This is not an artist tapping into a performative show of aggression. This is an artist with a community to fight for, a clearly defined mission, and a clear enemy in sight...Hardcore soul, a pure manifestation of punk to leave you frightened, giving thanks, and begging for more."
-Colton Hutchinson (Psycle Radio - CKUW 95.9 FM)

"Empowerment displayed in a different way, came in the form of two shows from excellently named Canadians Vagina Witchcraft , who pushed their message forward on a tsunami of hardcore and thrash riffs. Kayla Fernandes’ guttral shouts portrayed nothing but anger, relentless emotion that is hard to avoid.."
- Under The Radar Mag

"With nods from Exclaim!, the Polaris Music Prize, Elle and the CBC, Vagina Witchcraft have been anointed the new faces of Western Canadian heavy music, and the Winnipeg doom metal quartet proved they had earned the mantle at Broken City on opening night. Stoner rock riffs set the stage for Kayla Fernandes's powerful growls as they took to the floor to share their messages of fury and retribution, elevating the live-off-the-floor energy from 2020's self-titled debut album with the addition of an enraptured and enraged crowd."  - Exclaim! 

Crushing doom act Vagina Witchcraft’s self-titled EP from last year begins with a battle cry in the form of a spoken-word poem from frontperson Kayla Fernandes about embracing their Blackness. From there on out it’s all guttural screams over punishing instrumentals that drip with foreboding sludge. One of the heaviest acts at this year’s festival, Vagina Witchcraft is a head-splitting experience that’ll rattle your bones. - Sled Island, 2022


Vagina Witchcraft
Winnipeg MB Canada



Vagina Witchcraft Live @ CJSW X Sled Island ‘22 by Vagina Witchcraft

Vagina Witchcraft, April 15/2022 by Vagina Witchcraft

UMFM Live Session by Vagina Witchcraft

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