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Electronic Pop Trap

vault spectra


I'm Vault Spectra, also known as Manav Thapar, an up-and-coming artist hailing from Winnipeg, Canada. My musical journey kicked off in 2015 when I discovered my natural affinity for music composition, initially treating it as a hobby. However, as the years rolled on, so did my passion and dedication to the craft. Around 2018, I decided to take my music production skills to the next level. Through relentless effort and a commitment to learning, I honed the necessary skills to create music that resonates on a higher level. With a multicultural background, my inspiration came from a diverse array of artists such as Palaye Royale, Excision, Kompany, Marauda, Trampa, Meduza, Rezz, etc. I've cultivated a unique sound that blends various compositional elements. The journey has been incredible so far, and I'm thrilled to see the support growing on social media and music streaming platforms like Spotify.



Manav Thapar
Winnipeg MB Canada

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