Virtus’s essence is far more potent than the person it manifests itself within. Virtus is an idea, siphoning matter from nothingness, creating without limitation, and vibrating the souls of those who experience it. From the intangible comes order, from the order comes chaos, and born from the ashes of that chaos comes life.

Charles Hoffman, the conduit through which Virtus takes form, has an interesting history. He grew up with no musical background and didn’t start producing music until he was twenty-one-years-old. Reinventing himself, he’s demonstrated what’s possible when passion collides with intention. Unsheathed and soaked in the tides of adversity, he’s blazed a trail for anyone willing to step down a path of transformation with him.

According to Charles, “Without creating, we are not truly living. Inspiring others to take action and create the reality that they desire for themselves is my mission. Fear is what lies in the way of action. Only together can we drain this poison from our hearts and reap our visions."

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