Whiteshell Warrior

Blues Country Light Rock Pop

Whiteshell Warrior


Loving music at a very young age, Dan Winters could not contain his abilities to write melodies and lyrics that he would sing again and again. He is the song writing and guitar playing talent behind Whiteshell Warrior, his independent project.

Being a local boy from Winnipeg Dan grew up listening to some of the great Canadian talents The Tragically Hip and Bryan Adams. Over time he crafted his unique sound. inspired by the distant echoes, calm and serene landscapes of eastern Manitoba filled with wilderness, cottage country and busy lakes. Playing the guitar by the campfire during long weekends, Dan realized performing and playing music had become more then just a hobby. Whiteshell Warrior has only one goal to achieve. play the Friday night at Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater, Manitoba in late September.

Dan is looking to record his first album Rebel Soul (2021) and host a album release party at the Park Theater after gaining momentum song writing with other local musicians Chris Curry, Nick McDonald and the likes of Matt Colpitts, the Reverend Rambler.


Daniel Winters
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 297 5106

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