Pop Rock Synthpop


WINNI will take you to a place where the problems of tomorrow disappear into cotton candy skies. The same skies that songs seem to fall from right into the minds of husband and wife duo Sean and Karli Quigley. “I’ve been told my whole life that I have an overactive imagination with my up head in the clouds. The older I get, the more I lean into it.” Says Karli as the band embraces the escapism that music offers. With lyrics that romanticize the mundane and ideas that spark magic in everyday moments. WINNI offers listeners an immersive experience thats exciting, engaging and allows people to just have fun. If even for a moment, entering their world of technicolour.


Sean, who grew up in the underground hardcore scene in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada brings that edge into his production style and drumming on this project. In contrast to Karli, who’s vocals are smooth like honey and soft like velvet. 


Their music holds themes of navigating young adulthood with a glass over flowingly full perspective that says “life is hard but we’re gonna be okay”. Before cell phones and the internet, there was rock music, best friends and live entertainment. Music has always had a way of letting people get out of their heads. WINNI is all about getting back to the music. The thing they fell in love with as kids, bonded them together as teenagers and continues to sustain their ever-changing world as adults. We present to you, WINNI.


Sean Quigley
Winnipeg MB Canada

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