Programs Overview

Manitoba Music Professional Development Program

Manitoba Music's Professional Development Program is the only dedicated training opportunity that focuses specifically on skills development for established and emerging music industry professionals and artistic entrepreneurs.

Manitoba Music teams up with music industry experts to provide informative professional development seminars for the music industry. The Music Works series is a leading source of information and training for musicians and music industry in Manitoba. In addition, Manitoba Music maintains a Music Industry Resource Centre and offers members career consultations.

See the Professional Development Program page and the workshops page for more information.

Export Market Development Program

The Export Market Development Program connects the Manitoba music industry to artists, tastemakers, decision makers, and brokers in the broader national and international music industry by raising awareness of Manitoba and the music made here, and creating opportunities for Manitobans to build relationships in new markets. The Market Development Program includes pan-industry promotion and targeted market development support through trade missions, industry showcases, marketing events, online marketing, and public events.

See the Export Market Development page for more information.

Export Showcase Program

The Export Showcase Program supports Manitoba artists and music industry professionals in growing their business activities in export markets through showcases at music industry conferences and showcase events.

See the Export Showcase Program page for more information, deadlines, and application forms.

Indigenous Music Development Program

Manitoba Music’s Indigenous Music Development Program (IMDP) was launched in 2004 to help First Nation, Métis, and Inuit people develop sustainable careers in Manitoba’s music industry. The program delivers projects and services that respond to the needs of the industry as identified by a steering committee.

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Francophone Music Program

The Francophone Music Program (FMP) is a Manitoba Music initiative that exists to strengthen the Francophone music industry in western Canada through professional, business, and market development opportunities. The Francophone Music Program aims to creates diverse networking and community-building opportunities within the Francophone music industry and promote Francophone music from western Canada to new markets. By leveraging the strengths, knowledge, and commitment of the western Canadian Francophone music community, FMP will foster new partnerships and create growth across the country and beyond.

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