Raine Hamilton

Acoustic Classical Folk Singer/songwriter

Raine Hamilton


Resonant, acoustic chamber folk with an otherworldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Prism-clear vocals and strings, anchored in the ancient mountains, reaching out beyond the earthly.

Awake. Listening. Present.

SOUNDS LIKE: A string quartet + Sarah Harmer + Joni Mitchell

Raine is part prairie songstress, part storyweaver. Each song has a story, delivered between songs with humour and grace. Raine invites her love of the violin into the singer-songwriter genre, writing for violin and voice, as well as for guitar and voice. Joined by cello and upright bass, expect string arrangements that push and pull, that move as they console.

A classical violinist and musicologist by training, Raine and her string trio offer string-quartet-like arrangements of Raine’s original songs. They call this chamber-folk, a hybrid of the classical tradition of string quartet chamber music, with the singer songwriter folk that comes so organically to Raine.

Raine’s latest work, the full-length album Brave Land (2021-22), is a concept album about mountains, and the courage, wisdom, and otherworldly connection they represent. Here, as in Raine’s 2018 album Night Sky, her songs are set to intricate and seasoned arrangements for guitar, violin, cello, and double bass.

Raine is the recipient of the 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award for Emerging Artist of the Year! Raine has toured Canada extensively, driving, flying, and floating her way coast to coast. Highlights include: Performing songs with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (5 times!), performing with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, playing a show in a cave (10 stories below the earth!), playing festivals across Canada (Vancouver Folk Festival, Vancouver Island Music Fest, Atlin Festival, Home County, Filberg Fest, Lilac Fest, Harvest Moon, Trout Forest), playing for her passage on Via Rail, and meeting so many amazing humans along the way.


Brave Land



"Dominae Sanctae (Holy Women)" from Brave Land

Brave Land



"Love Has Come For Me" from Brave Land

Night Sky



"Starlight" from Night Sky


Over the Mountain, American Sign Language (ASL) by Raine Hamilton

Love Has Come For Me, Intro Video by Raine Hamilton

Try by Raine Hamilton

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Brave Land by Raine Hamilton

Starlight by Raine Hamilton

Lift Me Up by Raine Hamilton

Lay Me Down by Raine Hamilton

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