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RoseAnna Schick of RAS Creative is a music manager, motion picture publicist, content specialist, travel columnist, and award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about everything she takes on. With more than two decades of experience in management, communications, media relations, production, and writing, RoseAnna is credited on 90+ film and television projects, has worked with 70+ special events, and has contributed to the career development of dozens of musicians.

Most passionate about her work with Attawapiskat-based roots-rock artist Adrian Sutherland, RoseAnna manages his solo career as well as activity with his band Midnight Shine. She takes care of all aspects of Adrian’s business, marketing and logistics, and represents his 40-song catalogue. She produced eight music videos for Adrian that have collectively earned over 700k views. She’s extra proud of Heart of Gold, nominated Best Performing Arts & Entertainment at the 2019 Yorkton Film Festival, and Politician Man, which took home the award in 2020.

RoseAnna got her start in music through college internships – one with a concert promoter, one with a music video producer – followed by one year working at Paquin Entertainment. She was nominated Outstanding Manager at the 2001 Prairie Music Awards for her work with Winnipeg rock band Pushing Daisies. A community builder and trailblazer, RoseAnna is one of three founding members of Manitoba Music, having co-led the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association though a complete overhaul and relaunch of the organization into the one we know today. She is a founding member of the Prairie Music Alliance, which became the Western Canadian Music Alliance in 2003.

On the film side, RoseAnna’s expertise includes unit publicity, launch campaigns, media relations, EPK production, and field producing. She has worked with all the major US studios, as well as broadcasters from across North America. RoseAnna started her film career as the marketing and distribution manager for Buffalo Gal Pictures, one of Winnipeg’s busiest production companies, before becoming a freelance production coordinator. She spent two years as Executive Director for the Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Association (now called On Screen Manitoba) before leaving the position to launch her company RAS Creative in 2004. RoseAnna recently completed a six-year term on the Board of Directors for On Screen Manitoba.

RoseAnna was honoured to receive a Women of Distinction Award in 2011, and nominated for 2007 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. A lifelong writer, RoseAnna’s work was nominated for 2013 Professional Writers Association of Canada Awards, and 2018 Outdoor Media Summit Awards. She has published a biweekly travel column since 2012, and recently launched an online magazine called Inspirement.

When she’s not busy being busy… you’ll find RoseAnna rowing, running, curling, playing hockey, doing yoga, riding her bike, trying to break 100 on any given golf course, or out roaming somewhere in the Canadian wilderness… the more remote the better…


RoseAnna Schick
Winnipeg Canada
1 204 783 7600
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Adrian Sutherland - Respect The Gift by RAS Creative

Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man by RAS Creative

Midnight Shine - Heart of Gold (Cover) by RAS Creative

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Midnight Shine - I Need Angels by RAS Creative

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