Professional Development & Resources

Professional Development Initiatives


Over the past several years, Manitoba Music has teamed up with music industry experts from across the country to provide informative and timely professional development seminars for the local industry. The Manitoba Music professional develop workshop series, MusicWorks, strives to be the leading source of information and training for musicians and the music industry in Manitoba, and a model for industry training nation-wide.See the workshops page for more information on upcoming workshops.

MusicWorks Video

Many of our workshops and panels have streamed live to Facebook, and we have a few playlists, including:

inNOVate Series: Modifying the Music Experience

Royalty Review Month

Grants & Funding


You can also find playlists of past workshops on our YouTube, including:

Arts Fundamentals

Decipher Hip Hop Professional Development

Do It Yourself Music Industry

Info Sessions

BPM | Black Professionals in Music

BPM is a new program via Manitoba Music focused on supporting Black music professionals in Manitoba. Each month  BPM will offer participants a chance to meet and network, join discussion groups, and learn from other Black industry pros from across the globe. Bring your ideas to the table, share about your professional needs and any barriers you’re facing to advancing your career, and influence the direction of this program as it develops.

Visit to get involved.

MONITOR MIX Peer Mentor Groups

Manitoba Music is offering a new round of MONITOR MIX: Peer Mentor Groups in 2021 for members who are looking for new connections and interested in learning more about the music industry in a small group setting with like-minded members of their community. 

MONITOR MIX will allow participants to share ideas, networks, resources, and advice with each other, while receiving guidance from an artist or industry mentor who can speak from real experience. Lead mentors will host a monthly gathering with their small group to discuss questions, challenges, and triumphs as they work towards a career in music, in a safe and accepting environment. Groups will be no larger than eight people to promote connections within the group and maintain confidentiality.

This is an ongoing mentorship opportunity with the first sessions beginning in January or February 2021

Visit to sign up.

Grant Writing Incubators

For those looking for dedicated support through the process of writing and applying for funding, with the guidance of experienced mentors, we periodically open spots for grant writing incubators for FACTOR and Manitoba Film & Music programs. The incubators will often cover business registration, application forms, budget, and marketing/project plans.

Keep an eye on for opportunities.

Career Consultations

Manitoba Music members can access our experienced and knowledgeable staff and colleagues for career consultations on a variety of music business topics, including grants and funding, marketing and promotion, digital strategies and advertising, touring and showcasing, export-readiness, building a team, strategic planning, rights and royalties, and more. Consultations are intended for general information and direction.

Please note that this is not a demo-listening session and we aren’t able to provide referrals or recommend or personally connect members to the industry. Our goal with consultations and other training opportunities is to help members build their skills and resources to make those connections and decisions on their own

Fill out the form at consult booking form to make an appointment. Your answers will help us connect you with the person to talk to you about your key topics.

Please be sure to arrive on time. Bring your questions and be prepared to take notes.

Consultations will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length and take place in person at the Manitoba Music office, over the phone, or via Zoom by arrangement.

It’s recommended that you attend (or watch online) 2-3 of our workshops before booking a career consultation with one of our staff members. It can also help to focus the meeting by checking out some of our online resources in advance, including:

Youth Outreach & Mentorship

Manitoba Music is involved in several outreach activities aimed especially at youth with an interest in the music industry. Participating in these events raises awareness of the career options in the music industry in Manitoba, and promotes Manitoba Music’s services and programs to potential new members.

Manitoba Music partners with Creative  Manitoba to offer the Youth Mentorship Program in music management, marketing, and promotion. This unique program provides participants between the ages of 16 and 21 with a well-rounded and realistic look at working in the music industry. Through the program’s two concurrent streams – mentor sessions with industry professionals and a hands-on music project – the youth participants gain a unique understanding of the music business.

Visit Creative Manitoba for more information, deadlines, and application forms.

Music Industry Funding

Manitoba Music assists member artists and music industry companies to find funding that can help them build their careers. Manitoba Music is the Regional Education Coordinator for FACTOR.

See the Funding page for more information on grants and loans available to artists and music companies in Canada.

Studies and Reports

For information on Manitoba Music and the state of the music industry, see the Studies and Reports page.

Industry Links

Links to other music organizations, funding bodies, conferences and award shows, music business resources, and more, are available on the Links page.