Rooftop Static

Alternative Jazz Light Rock R&B


Russell Chan
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 294 0456


Rooftop Static is Winnipeg’s premier soul rock jazz ensemble made up of an eclectic group of misfits. While their grooves are intuitive, the union of the 6 members is as eclectic as their sound. 2017 found Rooftop Static playing over a dozen shows in Winnipeg, including events for the Canada Summer Games, their 3rd appearance at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and a packed Pyramid Cabaret for their debut album, After Hello.

In 2014, guitarist Russ Chan (Blueprint Gallery, One Day September) faced some vocal, drums, and bass lineup changes in his current project, Thrift Store Love. Russ’ sound was evolving from his baseline talents in colourful polychords to tasteful, melodic licks, with rock and jazz influences. Rather than decommission the project, he brought on long time music partner and low-end giant, Patrick Farr (Cat Jahnke, Dan Frechette, One Day September) on bass and the two re-gelled again immediately. With no specific direction on genre/sound, the duo decided to search for chemistry and fit for vocals. The two had experience half a decade back in a short-lived side project with local singer/songwriter and producer, Scott Hinkson (Scott Hinkson, Far Gone, Snooper). Hinkson had experience delivering dynamic performances from raspy, soring rockier performances to subtle, vulnerable crooning.

Rehearsing atop the iconic Winnipeg Grain Exchange building, during a break outside on the roof, the Winnipeg downtown skyline smiled and winked at the band. The band settled on a sound that fused rock/pop/soul and jazz in a surprisingly complementary way. Their ability to execute covers from the Police, Bill Withers, Tears for Fears, and others describe a 70’s, 80’s influence that is tainted only by their own experiences. The project quickly settled in on ROOFTOP STATIC as its handle. 2015 and 2016 found the band trying to find the right fit for drums and keyboards and the team lined up their project and members in late 2016 and focused on releasing their debut rock, pop, soul, and jazz project, After Hello in 2017.  

Fall of 2017 was spent with several auditions for drummers, and the band landed on the talented rhythm machine, Adrian Kizlyk (Tin Can Bandits). Adrian brings a new groove and energy to the project, influencing a burst of 4 new songs since joining the project in October and learning the material so quick, the band had their first show in November together.

With over 20 originals, a half dozen covers, and 25 live performances, ROOFTOP STATIC sets its heights on supporting After Hello across the Manitoba summer festival circuit with hopes to increasing exposure wherever possible. The band has expanded their sound to include more groove based, rock numbers new since After Hello and hopes to record again in 2018 in addition to spreading their soulful rock/pop/jazz blend to festivals, bars, and to an increasing amount of audiences. For more information and music, please contact  







"By The Time You Wake Up"


Too Late (Live at The Pyramid) by Rooftop Static

"Rodeo" - Rooftop Static at The Pyramid by Rooftop Static


After Hello

After Hello Rooftop Static

Released: June 24, 2017

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Rooftop Static
Les Animaux
Odder than the Otters
112 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, MB
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