Russell Lee

Russell Lee

Country Light Rock Singer/songwriter


Russell Lee
2305 McPhillips Street Unit 333 Winnipeg Manitoba MB Canada R2V3E1
1 204 997 1848


Russell Lee is the definition of a true story-telling musician.

Known for his outstanding live performances, and his authentic approach to song writing, many of Russell Lee’s listeners are drawn into his music through an emotional connection being made. which has always been Russell Lee’s true intention for his music.

This Canadian Country-Rock Songwriter currently based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has steadily offered chart-making single after chart-making single, most notably in the UK, where he has made history on HotDisc’s Top 40, for having three different songs on the chart at the same time!

A career highlight, Russell Lee was asked to play the Main Stage at Canada’s longest running country music festival, the world-renowned Dauphin Countryfest, no small feat for any artist.

Achieving over 1,000,000 views on YouTube for his beautifully crafted and thoughtful music video ‘Picture’ on YouTube, Russell Lee has shown the strength of his music through powerful imagery.

Recently, Russell Lee had gone back into the studio to put together a new album for 2019, this inspired new seven-song album titled ‘Meant To Be’ released 2.25.2019 and can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and physical copies at

Meant To Be is an album filled with emotionally driven songs that talk about love, faith, and an artist’s reflections on life. It acts as a diary of sorts for Russell Lee who has seen a great many dreams and goals come true in the pursuit of creating that better day. Placed together within this new album are great songs from Russell Lee’s recent past and brand-new songs guaranteed to get the listener hitting repeat.

Looking forward into 2019 and beyond, Russell Lee is focused on touring around with this new album and sharing his live for playing live music with as many people as possible!


Meant To Be



"Amazing" from Meant To Be

Meant To Be



"I Don't Know Why" from Meant To Be

Meant To Be



"Meant to be" from Meant To Be


Official Live Video from Park Theater for the song "Amazing" by Russell Lee

Official Video for I Don't Know Why by Russell Lee

Picture Official Video by Russell Lee from What do I do CD by Russell Lee

Russell Lee performing "Find Myself" on the Lyric Stage on Canada Day 2016 by Russell Lee

Russell Lee performing "Picture" on the Lyric Theater Canada Day 2016 by Russell Lee


Meant To Be

Meant To Be Russell Lee

Released: March 25, 2019

Producer: Russell Lee, Tom Koroluck

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Songs Of Christmas

Songs Of Christmas Russell Lee

Released: November 10, 2015

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What Do I Do

What Do I Do Russell Lee

Released: September 17, 2014

Producer: Tom Koroluk

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In the Night

In the Night Russell Lee

Released: June 10, 2005

Producer: Russell Lee, Tom Koroluk T.A.G Studios

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