Shay Wolf

Folk Indie Pop Singer/songwriter

Shay Wolf


Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, Shay Wolf has been a musician for 20+ years and an artist and creator since 2016. Her music explores the balance of opposites. her vocals and melody are dreamy yet sorrowful, her lyrics are scornful yet optimistic. She encapsulates listeners through her haunting, lilting melodies, strong storytelling and piano accompaniment. 

Shay Wolf hails from Regina, Saskatchewan and grew up competing and playing classical piano, in which she won several awards. She started songwriting in 2016 and now lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wolf will release her debut EP, “Stay” in March 2023.

As a singer-songwriter, Shay’s interests and influences vary. Drawing inspiration from the vocals and storytelling of singer-songwriters such as Sarah McLachlan, Adele and Joni Mitchell. She also takes influence from soft acoustic indie/folk artists like Field Guide and Feist, and is inspired by mainstream pop artists like Billie Eilish, Dermot Kennedy and Dua Lipa.

For her upcoming EP, Shay Wolf has teamed up with well-known Winnipeg musicians and producers such as John Paul Peters and musicians Jon Plett on drums and Julian Bradford on cello. As her debut EP and her biggest work to date, Shay’s songwriting focuses on themes that tug at the heartstrings and evoke emotion. With emphasis on her haunting vocals, she hopes that her music will linger in listeners’ hearts and minds. The EP reflects the artist’s own personal struggles and the journey she has taken to this point.



Shay Wolf
Winnipeg MB Canada

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"Alone Together"



"If Only - Demo"


Trista Shay momondays performance by Shay Wolf

If Only by Shay Wolf

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