Skylar Bouchard

Skylar Bouchard

Folk Roots Singer/songwriter


Skylar Bouchard is no stranger to adversity.

He was institutionalized in 2019 for mental health and addiction issues. Through that he has rebuilt himself and shares his story through music, long form writing and public speaking engagements in hopes “to shine light on the darkness and fight stigma in mental health awareness.”

His album Tired of the city, released in 2017, was short-listed by the judges of CBC's Searchlight Competition. In 2018 he played more than 100 shows across Canada in support of Tired of the City.

Skylar's next single "Screen Door" comes out on March 12th and his first memoir piece "The Night I (almost) Escaped Rehab" will be available shortly after. 

Skylar Bouchard has a communications degree and currently lives in Winnipeg where he is active in the city’s recovery community. 






From Me To You (Official Video) by Skylar Bouchard

Montreal (Official Video) by Skylar Bouchard


Tired of the City

Tired of the City Skylar Bouchard

Released: September 28, 2017

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