Skylar Bouchard

Skylar Bouchard

Acoustic Folk Roots Singer/songwriter


Skylar Bouchard shares his experiences with loss and love, often on the backdrop of his hometown, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His sound is smooth and salient - think Lyle Lovett meets Tallest Man On Earth. In 2016 & 2017, he performed at The Winnipeg Folk Festival. 

Bouchard is touring to support his five-song EP, "Tired of The City." Released in September, 2017, it was produced by Winnipeg-based producer and sound engineer, Derek Benjamin. In addition to his solo career, Bouchard is the front man for the four-piece folk rock band, Two Socks. 

"Tired of The City" features Bouchard's knack for juxtaposing wise insight alongside vulnerable professions of love. It is a collection of narratives that meander through the experiences of youth. The chorus for the EP's final track, "Montreal", best describes the tone of the album:

Don't know much about trust, so I don't know much about lovin' 
Truth is, I don't know much about much. 
But I know your body - every inch, every little bone
I don't speak French, but I love Montreal. 

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"Tired of the City (Demo)"


Montreal "Official" Video by Skylar Bouchard

Portage + Main by Skylar Bouchard


Tired of the City

Tired of the City Skylar Bouchard

Released: September 28, 2017

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