Slow Leaves

Adult Contemporary Folk Singer/songwriter

Slow Leaves


Grant Davidson, known professionally as Slow Leaves, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician. Davidson began playing guitar at age 15, inspired after discovering a Led Zeppelin II cassette tape in his older brother’s room. It was a finger-picked guitar however that would eventually form the heart of his songs. 

After three shoe-string budget albums under his own name, Davidson debuted as Slow Leaves in 2014 with Beauty Is So Common, followed by Enough About Me in 2017. In 2020 he released the strikingly vulnerable Shelf Life (Birthday Cake) which represented the culmination of a distinctive poetic voice exploring recurring themes of romantic memory, artistic ambition, and dreams left unfulfilled. 

On 2021’s Holiday (Birthday Cake), Davidson sought reprieve from pointed self-analysis, this time observing life through a decidedly more abstract lens. “I started recording music simply for fun,” he explains, “trying not to overthink, avoiding the impulse to turn every song into a personal manifesto. I needed a break from myself”. 

Davidson’s voice is fragile and assured. His music could exist as comfortably in the ‘70s as it does in today’s age of curated images and hollow soundbites, when vulnerability can be seen as defiance and sincerity as radical.


Shelf Life



"Sentimental Teardrops" from Shelf Life




"About Your Love" from Holiday

Shelf Life



"Sink Full of Dishes" from Shelf Life


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