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SnapMare Driver

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Ken Schendel
Winnipeg MB Canada R2W0W2


Snapmare Driver                                                                                           

Inspired by California Country Rock, this eclectic group of musicians writes original music steeped in the traditions of their unique musical backgrounds. Singing songs of Love and loss, crime and punishment, sin and redemption they blend country with rock, folk Latin and a little rhythm and blues leaving you tapping your toes and humming a melody or two.


Snapmare Driver   a review

Motorbikes and Chicks In Boots Packing Heat,


If you are like most folks, when you hear the name Snapmare Driver your mind immediately conjures up the image of a particularly vicious and debilitating wrestling move that is banned in every professional league except the M, W, A, ......and for good reason, along with it's raw and visceral repulsive appeal and it's fast whip-like execution, (demanding years of technique) is the sheer spectacle of this committed and decisive, bone crushing and match ending move. There is no going back from Snapmare Driver.

 Now there is a new Snapmare Driver, much like its namesake but without all the wrestling and vicious career ending repercussions involved in such an insane and cruel throw. Really really bad look it up on YouTube.  Snapmare Driver is an expressive four piece band of music enthusiasts keen on catching your ear with sweet melodies and soaring harmonies. The original music runs the gamut from all out rockers to the most yearning and thought provoking ballads that captures you and takes you on down home or yonder or wherever with touches of country, alt folk and even south of the border Latin flavours. All of these musical elements combine to create what is fast becoming a musical favourite to many in and around Manitoba.

Their new album titled simply Snapmare Driver is certainly a diverse collection of catchy tunes. The opener “‘Make You Mine” is a rollicking romp which I believe is all about opposites attracting and love overcoming all barriers or some such thing. It follows a fairly traditional, old time country rhythmic format yet still maintains a fresh and new edginess that to this reporters ears is a treat and a delight. One thing about Make You Mine and be warned this following report has a spoiler alert, is that it's kinda sneaky in that the song starts off real quiet and scratchy like, just like an old timey 75 record, so you're tempted to go and turn the volume up but don't cause when the band does finally kick in it comes in kinda loud so there is a danger that you might blow your stereo speakers, so be warned.

The next song “Breaking Up” incorporates an angular rhythm and dark chording as a backdrop for a stark statement of love and crime gone wrong. It serves as a departure from the country feel of the preceding tune. I didn't care for it much.

The third outing, “Teenage Love Song” is a lush, full textured piece that flows outward from the opening three chords and progresses in a kind of a weird fractured Bossa Nova beat yet still maintains a Country and Westernish appeal thanks to the excellent guitar work from Squinny Nelson, a veteran guitar slinger in the Winnipeg guitar scene and Mark Battle local wunderkind songwriter.

A highlight of the album in this reporter's humble opinion is the fourth song “They Call Me The Wrecking Ball,”  This song is a great rocker. This song aint no twerking song, It is a straight out pedal to the metal ass kicker, Pardon my language,

Next up is “The Border.”  Latin tinged rhythms from bassist Jeff Weibe and drummer Dan Barr both local musicians of some repute and notoriety, punctuate a lush guitar textured landscape of pain and isolation inherent in the life of a criminal on the run from the law.

The next song “Sumthin ‘ Like That” can be thought of as a companion piece to the previous song in that they both deal with criminal activity. Come to think of it a lot of this bands music has something to do with criminal activity, Hmmm.....

“What We Call This Love” Is a great song. Period. A classic. It evokes all the good music of a bygone era and puts it right back up front into your ears. A true country and western flavour drips out of the speakers as you lie back and enjoy a tale of love gone bad and suburban infidelity. Superb.

The album's penultimate tune “Kitty Cat” is a little rockabilly ditty inundated with innuendo and undercurrents of suggestive metaphor. Starting off with a very raw and cat-in-heat sounding guitar riff the song quickly progresses into a fast shuffle rhythm with a jumpy accompanying guitar motif. The guitar solo section features Squinny rocking out and displaying his formidable string chops.

Finally the last song “Drunken Stagger Home” is a great little instrumental again featuring excellent guitar work from Mark and Squinny. Over top of a simple yet effective rhythm laid down by Jeff and Dan is Mark's opening guitar statement. The riff is catchy and blistering hot. It is a fast little melody reminiscent of old Chet himself!  After cycling through the first solo Mark is joined by Squinny with a great harmonizing double guitar solo which leads into yet again another sweet guitar solo this time featuring Squinny's string pyrotechnics. Whew!

In summation this album is a great album. Snapmare Driver is the perfect accompaniment to barbeque ribs and an ice cold beer.  Although there are some issues to do with the overall mixing and production of the sound, they are minor compared to the superior song writing and execution of the music. This recording has become a favourite when listening in the car driving down the highway or in the tractor working the field or for that matter wherever you are and whatever you're doing the music on this album seems to fit in just right. Snapmare new favourite band.

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"(Make You) Mine" from Snapmare Driver



"Kitty Kat" from Snapmare Driver



"Wreckin' Ball" from Snapmare Driver


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Teenage Love Song by SnapMare Driver

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