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El León and The Strangers
Pájaro Cantor

From the album El León and The Strangers EP

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El León and The Strangers “Pájaro Cantor”

El León and The Strangers have a new song for your summer playlists. Press play on "Pájaro Cantor" (The Singing Bird), the latest single from the Winnipeg-based, South American-formed six-piece, which fuses rock with folk elements from each of their cultures of origin, using a variety of instruments including hand drums, charangos, quena, accordions, and more. Recorded at Indestructible Productions in Winnipeg under producer Jaime Chinchilla, the song is featured on the band's self-titled EP, which came out in the spring. Like many working bands, El León and The Strangers lost shows due to COVID, having to cancel two legs of their tour in Western Canada, but the band is keeping busy. They've been awarded a FACTOR artist development grant with plans to spend time writing and producing a full-length album and release each song with an online event to be streamed from landmark places in Manitoba. Connecting with their fans across the country and in Latin America in a new way, the band will also highlight the importance of what is local to them and how the place you live affects the music you create. You can also check out their online store for some new merch. So press play on "Pájaro Cantor", a timely song about the difficulties of being in a closed space, whether physical or emotional, and not being able to realize your dreams, and stay tuned for more from El León and The Strangers!

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