Abstract Artform
"Old School"

From the album His Story in the Making

Featured track, available from May 26 to June 2

Abstract Artform is keeping pretty busy. Hot on the heels of the release of its third album, His Story in the Making, the hip-hop outfit filmed a video, nabbed an honourable mention in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, hit the top 25 on the CMJ hip-hop chart in the U.S., and landed a coveted showcase spot at next month's North By Northeast festival in Toronto. Before Abstract Artform heads east, hometown audiences have a chance to catch them live at the inaugural Manitoba Music Night at New Music Wednesdays on June 1 at Ozzy's, along with Voldis and the Melodicas and Lansdown. Their track "Old School" -- featuring Flo -- is your free download this week in The Loudspeaker. Grab the tune and head to Ozzy's for a fantastic night of great local talent!

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