Mahogany Frog
"Saffron Myst"

From the album SENNA

Featured track, available from September 20 to September 28

Montreal is about to get a little taste of the prairies. Manitoba Music is teaming up with SaskMusic to present The Prairie BBQ at Pop Montreal on September 21 at Parc de la Petite-Italie. The showcase features performances by Manitoba bands instrumental electronic rock outfit Mahogany Frog and indie rockers Les Jupes along with Saskatchewan’s Rah Rah and Caves. Mahogany Frog is in the midst of a Canadian tour, leading up to the hometown release of its fifth recording, SENNA, on New York’s MoonJune Records. Winnipeg audiences can catch the band at its CD release party at Frame Arts Warehouse on September 28, with opening sets by Ultra Mega and Animal Teeth (they'll also hit the Cavern on October 6 for The Girth's album release). We'vre got Mahogany Frog's new tune "Saffron Myst" as this week's featured download. Grab it and catch the band live in Winnipeg... or Montreal... or one of the many other city's they'll play this fall.

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