Past song of the week / November 2012

Greg MacPherson

From the album Disintegration Blues

Featured track, available from November 8 to November 15

Manitoba Music is heading to New York, Montreal, and Toronto this week to present three eclectic showcases featuring six local acts. Cannon Bros., Chic Gamine, Flo, Greg MacPherson, JP Hoe, and The Magnificent 7s are all hitting the various stages to perform for industry bigwigs. And just in time for some winter weather warnings, we've got "Snowman" off Greg MacPherson's latest recording, Disintegration Blues, as this week's featured song. There are hints that when MacPherson isn't busy showcasing, he'll be in the studio working on a new album. While you're waiting, download "Snowman" for free and watch MacPherson do a little dancing...

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