Wab Kinew
"Give It Up"

From the album Mide Sun Music

Featured track, available from September 2 to September 9

Wab Kinew is getting ready to launch his new mixtape, Mide><Sun Music. The award-winning rap artist hits the Pyramid Cabaret on September 4 for the release party, which also features isKwe, Lorenzo, Redcloud, Boogey, and more. Kinew's previous effort, Live by the Drum, landed an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award for Best Rap/Hip Hop CD last year, and he has a nod for Best Producer/Engineer at this year's APCMAs. You might also recognize Kinew's voice from the CBC Radio airwaves, as the host of local arts, music, and entertainment show The (204). Download Kinew's new track, "Give It Up" featuring isKwe, available in The Loudspeaker until September 9. 

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