Sophie Stevens

Alternative Folk Indie Singer/songwriter

Sophie Stevens


Sophie Stevens is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This enthusiastically wholesome musician has been crafting songs of the modern indie-pop landscape while bringing classical guitar fingerpicking, exuberant piano riffs, and enchanting melodies into the mix. Combining her angelic vocals with gentle yet honest lyricism, Sophie offers a break from the tiresome parts of life with reminders of the joy of being human.

Inspired by her passion for music as a teenager, Sophie has crafted a unique sound exploring the dreamy lulls of indie-pop combined with the story-telling genius of classic singer-songwriter folk. While writing meaningful music has always been a key part of her identity, Sophie has consistently aimed to provide listeners with a break from the anxieties and alienation we face in our own heads by offering not only a captivating, heartwarming sound, but a stage-presence of pure coziness and unconditional love for all. She has manifested a reputation that can only be summed up in one word: wholesome. 

The passionate musicians' long-awaited debut single “No One’s Happy” has been a loving success at bridging her own heartache, lessons-learned, and growing pains to the rest of the world. Sophie offers a brutally honest yet unifying reminder that everyone is dealing with pain and anxiety in their own ways, regardless of how isolating their problems may feel. No One’s Happy exudes joy and compassion through its adventurous melody and persistent upbeat nature, and offers comfort without uttering cliches. 

While excitedly pursuing her career, Sophie has opened for sold out shows of William Prince, Royal Canoe, and Mo Kenney, and has played at Manitoba music festivals including Winnipeg Folk Fest, Festival Du Voyageur, and Real Love Summer Fest. On top of her personal music career, her knowledge and love of harmony and instrumentation has enabled her to accompany fellow musicians Micah Erenberg and Logan McKillop in bands and on multiple tours, as well as appear on albums by Richard Inman and the former Erenberg. 

No matter how you feel or where your heart may be, Sophie’s music can’t help but pull you away from the negativity of everyday life to remind you that everything can be okay inside of those four-minute song increments.


Sophie Stevens
Winnipeg MB Canada

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