Sophie Stevens

Sophie Stevens

Alternative Folk Indie Singer/songwriter


Sophie Stevens is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Canada. Combining her heartwarming vocals with gentle melody and guitar, Sophie sings indie folk songs of hope that both tell stories and offer introspective advice. With a love for all walks of life expressed in every note, her music gives a break from the tiresome parts of life and brings reminders of the joyful aspects of being human.

Growing up with a family of musicians and later hosting an array of self-proclaimed “Cozy Concerts” in her warm bedrooms and the art spaces of Manitoba, Sophie has been surrounded and inspired by music her entire life. Studying piano for the past 8 years and innovatively exploring the guitar was the gateway to her songwriting career, where she was inspired by the melodic creativity and lyrical intensity of a diverse range of genres ranging from punk to musicals. Performing in choirs throughout her adolescence and honing her “angelic” vocals, Sophie has been crafting soft and unique indie folk songs of love and growth that ultimately aim to offer gentle respite no matter where you may be in your life.

Since the debut of her unhesitating music career in the Winter of 2018, Sophie has shared stages with the likes of Royal Canoe, Mo Kenney, and Wax Mannequin and played at Manitoba music festivals including Winnipeg Folk Fest, Festival Du Voyageur, and Real Love Summer Fest. On top of her personal music career, her knowledge and love of harmony and instrumentation has enabled her to accompany fellow musicians Micah Erenberg and Logan McKillop in bands and on tours, as well as appear on albums by Richard Inman and the former Erenberg.

Sophie has many exciting announcements for the coming year, and she continues to play cozy and captivating shows, upload videos, and make wholesome inspirational posts for her international internet presence through social media. No matter how you feel or where your heart may be, Sophie’s music can’t help but pull you away from the negativity of everyday life to remind you that everything can be okay, even if only in four minute song increments.

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