SpaceLand 2: Pop-up Party To Transform Portage Ave on Sep 24 

4:00PM  Vinyl Salon
5:00PM  SMRT
7:00PM  3Peat
8:00PM  Touching
9:00PM  The Lytics
10:00PM Attica Riots
11:00PM Mama Cutsworth
12:30PM The Gaff

In a vine-walled, intimate, under-used lot nestled between two downtown Winnipeg buildings in June, SpaceLand assembled bands, landscape architects, cutting edge video artists, comedians, and more for a pop-up party. 

The creative and celebratory vibe ushered in a different urban experience for many.

Was this really Winnipeg? Can we really look like this? Create like this? Party like this? The answer: yes. And the flood of social media showed there was an appetite to do it again.

So Head In The Sand has joined forces with Winnipop and they are teaming up again with Manitoba Music for SpaceLand 2: a friendly takeover of the same Portage Avenue lot on Saturday, September 24. The urban space between Edmonton and Kennedy streets will be transformed to host a night of live music, video projections, comedians, food trucks, and more.

Bringing the best part of big music fests and into an intimate central setting, SpaceLand 2’s stellar music lineup highlights homegrown music, including acclaimed hip hop party crew The Lytics, the sweaty dance rhythms of Attica Riots, rap triumvirate 3Peat, DJ favourite Mama Cutsworth, electronic pop/R&B outfit ATLAAS, witty internet rapper SMRT, idiosyncratic pop outfit Touching -- the new project from Head In The Sand henchman Michael Falk, plus Saskatoon party-starting DJ The Gaff.

New for SpaceLand 2 is a collaboration with Synonym Art Consultation's Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture Festival featuring visual artwork from their latest exhibition Cohesive Devices.

A nod to the classic games at the Magicland arcade that once brought youth downtown, SpaceLand also references our city's abundance of wide open space, and our history of under-using that space. Inspired by the famed SXSW lot parties that dot the Austin landscape at the massive music mecca, Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects rounds out the team to help create a unique physical experience for visitors, based on the mutual themes of Space Invaders and stepping into another dimension.

SpaceLand is part of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ's new Host It Downtown program and supported by The Forks North Portage Partnership, a key stakeholder in the development of the downtown.

SpaceLand doors fling open at 4PM on Saturday, June 24. The first act hits the stage at 5PM and the party keeps going until 2AM. Tickets are on sale now for $20 (early bird price) via

Find out more:


Tickets $25





Cynicism has never sounded so good. Formed from the remnants of a pair of long-running and well-known Winnipeg rock outfits, Attica Riots deliver an impactful shot of sonic urgency through a seamless synergy of rock-solid musicianship and sharp lyricism. It's a sound rooted in buoyant, upbeat alt-rock but bolstered with elements of everything from dance to punk to sticky, straight-up pop. And while they've been appeasing a growing fan base with buzzed-about performances and informal releases over the years, Attica Riots - comprised of the core trio of Bobby Desjarlais, Anders Erickson, and Kyle Erickson - are set drop their anxiously awaited full-length debut in 2016. Produced by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons), the album perfectly embodies the aforementioned hybrid of musicality and acute social commentary. Put simply, it's about taking complex ideas - witty, wise, and wary - and relaying them through a more accessible means. The soundtrack to that dialogue is equally as accessible. Tracks like “I'm Not The Only One” and “Give It To Me” are darkly infectious, appealing first to the body and then to the mind. their propulsive, danceable beats and sticky leads get you moving and, shortly after, singing along. Equally as memorable and moving, “Misery” and “Love Sunshine and Hysteria,” on the other hand, are bouncier and more cheerful - at least musically. The entire collection, tracked at L.A.'s illustrious EastWest Studios, benefits greatly from Needham's Midas touch. But despite their polish, the songs maintain the organic appeal that earned Attica Riots their initial attention. They've already got hoards of followers and industry heavyweights in their corner thanks to past successes and present potential, and once their proper LP is delivered, Attica Riots will see their music and the message behind it cause the best kind of uproar. 


Born in a South End, Winnipeg basement in 2008, The Lytics started more as a pipedream than a possibility. Growing up on a steady diet of early nineties hip hop and R’n’B, the three youngest members of the group, Andrew ‘Andrew.O’ Sannie, Anthony ‘Ashy’ Sannie and Mungala ‘Munga’ Londe honed their rhyming skills on torrented Pete Rock, J.Dilla and Dj Premiere instrumentals downloaded on to an old family computer. Their early recordings, rapped through salvaged microphones — stolen and scavenged from school media rooms — glued back together and taped to coat racks mimicking mic stands were crude, muddled and amateur, yet showed the youthful exuberance that they would eventually hone and garner critical acclaim for. Meanwhile, eldest of the group, Alex ‘B-Flat’ Sannie — brother to Anthony and Andrew — was a burgeoning young producer, making beats for some of Winnipeg’s best rappers and providing the aspiration and inspiration to his younger brothers’ perspiration. As all good stories go, Alex would join his brothers and newly adopted cousin Munga with the goal of taking the group to the next level. They would eventually add local Dj and family friend, Lonnie ‘Ce’ Compayre and their pipedream all of a sudden had legs. Two recordings, three nominations (WCMAs) and several international and cross-Canadian tours later, the group is ready to release their third studio album, starting with ‘Hold On’ their newly recorded EP as lead up to be released this April 2016. Often citing Pharcyde, De La Soul, Slum village, A Tribe called quest and The Fugees as inspiration, they’ve created a sound that has obvious sonic similarities but with a little something that can only be cultivated in the geographic isolation that Winnipeg provides them. With a musical pallet rooted in Reggae, Soul, Jazz and all things ‘Boom Bap’, their penchant for creating varied soundscapes and exploring different influences is seemingly in their DNA, making The Lytics’ sound something familiar yet completely unique.


The Gaff is a soulful brother on the wheels of steel, a lifelong DJ with tight skills and cuts, a lengthy list of accomplishments, tonnes of records, heart and class. Gaff is also a renowned producer, using ableton live, vintage equipment and a substantial record collection of over 10 000 LPs and 45s. One foot in the future, and one foot in the past. The Gaff's purpose is in elevating hip hop, dance, club and electronic sounds to a level easily combined with funk, soul and jazz; resulting in amazing performances and instrumental production. The Gaff has rocked prestigious parties and clubs far and wide, NYC to LA: either by all vinyl 45 sets, or destroying it with tight scratching and turntable kung fu. Having just released the acclaimed and highly successful mix; "Soul Sisters Stand Up" with friend Skratch Bastid in 2012, the future holds a list of steady production releases as well as his long awaited debut album. The Gaff is often referred to as " DJs' DJ", cited as a top favorite amongst some of the worldʼs best and titled by peers as one of Canada's greatest.


Mama Cutsworth has been a DJ and dance party curator for over a decade, building a reputation for her deep knowledge and love of music that lives outside of the mainstream club scene. She stands out for seamlessly mixing songs from extremely different genres and time periods within a single set. She is one half of the popular DJ duo House of Gold Diamonds, alongside the talented DJ J. Jackson. In 2013, she started a theatre project called Speechless with Bogotá's Felipe Ortiz and Daniel Orrantia. Since its debut in Germany, this long-form wordless and surreal show has been staged around the world, including in Colombia, Brazil, Norway, Spain and Dubai. Their next performance will be January 2017 in Amsterdam. In 2012, she founded Mama Cutsworth’s DJ Academy for All Women, a welcoming space that teaches cis-gender, trans-gender and non-binary folks the basic skills and confidence it takes to become a professional DJ. Now in its eighth season, the academy has seen over 75 students come through its doors. 


Touching is Michael P Falk. Former frontman of Les Jupes turned arms-raised, big-tent revival leader. This is rock n roll with synth dreams. This is an intimate portrait. This is fighting the good fight for your heart and feet. He is joined by all-stars Dave Quanbury (Twilight Hotel) and Alasdair Dunlop (Sweet Alibi).  Together, they make melodic instructions on the inner workings of the mind. Fiery incantations on happiness. Every now and then a little come-down, bringing us all little closer together. We are all Touching.


3PEAT's Steve, Rapheyel and Dill The Giant form a triangle offence of rap styles and influences. Their high energy set features sample driven beats with an updated sound. Their focus on developing a great live show has seen them play in hardcore shows, open for rap acts, and perform with live bands.  


ATLAAS is defined by a fascination with R&B and the human condition. With a synth, a loop pedal, and her expressive voice, songwriter Heather Thomas explores love in all its forms.


SMRT is a rap vocalist from Winnipeg, Canada. He is cute af, goth af & known for moving from beautiful love songs to blazing rap ballads at the speed of a hair flip, all while maintaining the same mesmerizing intensity. 


The Vinyl Salon is an evolving space for women to enjoy and share music. Whether we're playing records in a West Broadway living room or at the West End Cultural Centre, the mandate is the same: we're women occupying a particular space, curating our love of music as a shared experience.