Studio 393

Hip Hop Rap

Studio 393


Studio 393 is a youth-led arts studio & an initiative of Winnipeg’s Graffiti Art Programming Inc. The space, located in the Portage Place Shopping Centre Skywalk, is dedicated to connecting emerging artists to each other and to community organizations that will help them grow as individuals and artists.

Capturing The Imaginations Of Youth In Downtown, 
Allowing Them To Become Part Of The Community & To Focus Their Efforts In Positive Ways.

Youth who frequent the downtown area are encouraged to stop in to Studio 393 and engage in activities designed to foster their creativity and promote expression. It is all part of a larger effort to capture the imaginations of youth in the downtown and focus their efforts on positive ways to grow and become an important part of the community.

Studio 393 Workshops Include

  • Breakdancing
  • Art parties
  • Hip hop choreography
  • Rap, art, dance + film
  • Young Leaders



Pat Skene
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 667 9960

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