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Tansy celebrates all things noisy and beautiful, weaving haunting melodies through minimalist structures.  Armed with loops, delays, and lots of reverb, her sound echoes through the ears and hearts of all who listen, and leaves its ghost behind. she may be a one-woman show but she has much to say.

In 2012, Kathryn Kerr found herself working on a passenger train in the Canadian wilderness, a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Jazz Studies, and no outlet for the thoughts crowding her world. From voice memo snippits, home recordings, and solo jam sessions in hotels and trains across the country, Tansy was born.

In winter 2014, Kerr trekked out to her family cottage in the Manitoban Interlake, to self-record, mix and master her debut 6-track EP Wood Songs.  The EP is a true testament to lo-fi beauty, [Wood Songs] "has created a rich listening experience birthed out of dark Manitoba nights." (Meagan Clarke, Earshot)

Since the EP release, Tansy has rapidly gained a steady and quiet following in the music scene of Manitoba. Tansy's music spans genres, and she has been billed with a variety of bands: (Tunic, Archery Guild (Montreal), Ghost Twin, Slow Spirit, Ben Caplan (Halifax), Hannah Epperson (New York)). As well, she has performed at various musical festivals around Manitoba. (Real Love, Shine On, Big Fun, Islendingadagurinn.)




"Marie" from Wood Songs



"Bomb Shelter Secrets" from Wood Songs


Gravity by Tansy

Swim by Tansy



Swim/Sleep Tansy

Released: February 27, 2018

Producer: Mortfell Recording

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