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The 12/21

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Based in Winnipeg, the exciting power pop punk trio - The 1221 - was originally formed in Manila, Philippines. Young, energetic, and performance driven, the numerically-named act consists of three talented brothers: Roman Maceda (vocals/guitars), and twins Rico Maceda (bass/vocals) and Roque Maceda (drums).

The Maceda brothers simply carried on with their strong passion in music when they came to Canada. Their sound is an exciting blend of precision, modern rock n' roll tunes with a striking power pop punk presentation. They cite these artists as their musical influences: The Police, The Kinks, Green Day, and Blink-182, but there's more going on with The 1221! It's something you'll have to hear to understand for yourself!

They played at Indie Week Toronto in 2017. The 12/21 came back from their second tour in Manila, Philippines last november 2018. Performed at Canada Day at The Forks. They've also been featured as winners for The Uniter Fiver Music Issue 2018. The 12/21 has performed at well known venues in WInnipeg from The Good-Will, The Handsome Daughter, The Cavern to Club Regent Event Centre and The Garrick while opening for artists who toured Canada in the past years like Arnel Pineda (current frontman of Journey). The 1221 owes their solid sound to performing - and, of course - from their unique natural bond as brothers. New EP coming out in 2019.

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"Kiss" from Kiss


Playlist: The 12/21 – Every Day, Every Night by The 12/21

The 12/21 Live At The Garrick by The 12/21

Every Day, Every Night (Official Music Video) by The 12/21

The 12/21 Live At The Handsome Daughter by The 12/21

The 12/21 Live At The Good Will by The 12/21

The 12/21 Live at Club Regent Event Centre by The 12/21


Every Day, Every Night

Every Day, Every Night The 12/21

Released: May 30, 2018

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