The Middle Coast

The Middle Coast

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Dylan MacDonald
616 Mcmillan Ave Winnipeg MB Canada R3L0N6
1 204 573 4745
1 204 573 4745


There’s something to be said for a band that can simultaneously elicit a sense of nostalgia and new discovery. that perfectly balances an appreciation of the past with a youthful enthusiasm and mainstream ambitions.

Meet The Middle Coast, the Manitoba trio whose self-described ‘70s-style yacht rock will be the new soundtrack to your dockside daydreams and breezy evening drives. Drawing on influences ranging from The Guess Who to The Eagles to Hall & Oates with tinges of Motown soul and Nashville twang, members Liam Duncan, Dylan MacDonald, and Roman Clarke have cemented their signature sound and attracted some impressive industry attention with their debut album, The Making Of: The Middle Coast. The album come on the heels of their heralded live show - born of hundreds of sets and thousands of hours logged in the van in just a few short years. 

The three Coasters united in their early teens, playing shows virtually every weekend despite their still-in-school status (sometimes circumvented with fake IDs) and filling their summers with festival dates – “which was pretty awesome for a bunch of 15-year-olds,” Duncan enthuses. Through rigorous practice and self-scrutinized performances – recording and analyzing every single show – the band developed a unique musical synergy that makes their collective output far more striking than the sum of its individual parts.

“We know each other’s tendencies and preferences inside and out,” Duncan muses about his longtime collaborators and close friends. “It’s a special bond where, sometimes, we can communicate with just a look and know where we all want to go, but at the same time, we might sit down and work at a vocal line and every little part of it 1,000 times, so still putting in a lot of work.”

On their debut album, the band worked with the likes of Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, New Pornographers), Don Benedictson (The Bros. Landreth, Valdy), and Dave Schiffman (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer).  

The lead single, “Paycheck,” combines catchy throwback melodies with modern hooks, multi-layered harmonies, and a groove guaranteed to strike a chord, regardless of whether it’s played through a stereo or from the stage.

The Middle Coast’s impressive and engaging live sets have already earned them heaps of accolades – including the “Favourite New Band” distinction from Winnipeg weekly The Uniter – in addition to billings at CMW, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, where they received the Rising Star award. They were also tapped to open for Michael Bernard Fitzgerald on his 2016 Canada-wide tour. That tour turned into an ongoing relationship with MBF, with The Middle Coast acting as his backing band as well as opening up most shows. 

Having quickly ascended to a level that belies their relative youth, The Middle Coast are putting the behind-the-scenes pieces in place to capitalize on their potential and all of the attention it’s garnered thus far. From patios to paddleboats, The Middle Coast’s summery melodies are simultaneously vintage and vanguard, throwback and trailblazing, and regardless of age, genre, or geography, will have listeners across the board feeling right at home.




"This Isn't Love"



"Some Way"


LOFT SESSIONS "Paycheque" by The Middle Coast

Paycheque by The Middle Coast

Want To by The Middle Coast


The Making Of:

The Making Of: The Middle Coast

Released: May 12, 2017

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