The Noble Thiefs

The Noble Thiefs

Garage R&B Rock Soul


Stemming from the Canadian Prairies, The Noble Thiefs' rock & soul revolution is at hand, and there's no point in resisting. 

Vocalist Myron Dean, guitarist Riley Hastings, bassist Johannes Lodewyks, and drummer Sandy Fernandez are poised to lead the charge in resurrecting the soul-centric rock sounds of decades past with a fresh new flair.

On record, they're exciting. Onstage, however, The Noble Thiefs are explosive, embodying the energy of early punk and smoothing out dancefloors with R&B grooves, leaving delightfully dazed and dizzy crowds in their wake.

Their newest single, 16 Candles, is a call for healing amidst unrest in America.  It aims to create dialogue and unity through the power of music and lyrics among these divisive times.  The powerful track was inspired by the 2014 Chicago shooting of Laquan McDonald. The band were in Manhattan during American Thanksgiving in 2015 when the buried video footage of a white police officer shooting an unarmed black youth 16 times went public and sent shockwaves through communities across the United States. A protest immediately broke out on the streets of New York and The Noble Thiefs joined the march. The experience inspired singer Myron Dean to pen ‘16 Candles’ as a tribute to all those who've been affected by such violence and tragedy.

The intangible chemistry these four share stems from their widespread influences, which together produce a combustible sonic concoction that borrows from a slew of different decades and styles. “We all come from really different musical backgrounds,” Dean says, “but that's what makes us sound the way we sound, and I love that.”




16 Candles [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by The Noble Thiefs

LOFT SESSIONS "I Died in America" by The Noble Thiefs

How Can You Think Of Love (At A Time Like This)? by The Noble Thiefs

The Noble Thiefs - "I Died In America" (live) by The Noble Thiefs

The Noble Thiefs - "When You're In Love" (live) by The Noble Thiefs


16 Candles (Single)

16 Candles (Single) The Noble Thiefs

Released: September 21, 2018

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It's Tough To Be The Bad Guy

It's Tough To Be The Bad Guy The Noble Thiefs

Released: October 30, 2015

Label: MapleMusic Recordings, Pipe & Hat

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Got It Made / When You're In Love 7-inch

Got It Made / When You're In Love 7-inch The Noble Thiefs

Released: December 3, 2013

Producer: John Paul Peters

Label: Pipe & Hat

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Beyond the 11th Deck

Beyond the 11th Deck The Noble Thiefs

Released: March 13, 2012

Producer: Neil Cameron

Label: Pipe & Hat

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