Treasure Peterson

Blues Classic Rock Pop Singer/songwriter

Treasure Peterson


Yes good Treasure Peterson comes from a long line musicians. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she first started playing Jazz drums at the age of five. Treasure grew up on the West Island of Montreal and started playing professionally at 13 years old in a cover band called Jade.  Treasure also played first trumpet in the Lindsay Place High School band. Through her adult life, she may  focussed on day jobs but occasionally played in Winnipeg on and off. After an absence from playing, Treasure returned to the stage in 2016 at the Planit during Pride week. This last year she played Joe Black Coffee Bar and the Pride Main stage at the Forks. Treasure is planning on doing some recording in the near future. She aspires to put out the album she was working on in 1999 with the addition of some new music. If you like the gruff gravel vocals of Janis Joplin, you will love Treasure's sound. 


Treasure Peterson
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 793 1898
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