Alternative Electronic Indie Pop Singer/songwriter Synthpop


Twitchitt is a singer, songwriter, digital magician, and musical philosopher whose work reflects a multidimensional parallel to the familiar structure of popular music. Inspired by clichéd derivatives of religious parables and manufactured brands of the music industry, her intent is to question the cultures we create. to navigate the system in order to shine light on the system. to introduce unfamiliar ideas through familiar channels. to disenchant by way of enchantment.

The dark edges of Twitchitt’s self-produced lyrical synthpop are colored with romantic strings, melodic piano chords, charming synth leads, and deep basslines. Her bewitching vocals breathe melancholic tales, yet her andantino innuendos and a twitch of her nose let on that she doesn’t take herself as seriously as she takes her music.


Sad Girl by Twitchitt


Alchemical Warfare

Alchemical Warfare Twitchitt

Released: October 4, 2017

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As Above So Below

As Above So Below Twitchitt

Released: June 10, 2016

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