Something Lost

By Carly Dow

Carly Dow's wildcrafted soul-folk blends inspiration from wordsmith Gillian Welch with an edge reminiscent of Neko Case. Dow’s "dark and poignant writing" (Stylus) is at the forefront of her songs, rich in vivid imagery. The depth and space of her home province of Manitoba seep into her music as main influences, which is delivered with"an incomparable voice that is raw, alluring and unique"(VIES Mag). Ingrained, released in 2015 and recently in the UK, is praised for its "uniformly brilliant playing, striking vocals and smart songs" (Fatea, UK).


The Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency connects artists of all mediums with the natural and cultural landscape of northern Canada through expedition, personal journey and community engagement.

By delivering inspiring experiences in the stunning landscapes of the country and the vibrant communities that thrive in them, we aim to broaden an understanding– through art, engagement and reflection–of the Canadian cultural tapestry, and the role nature and diversity play in our national narrative.

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